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To those of you who are worried about the “cost” of the referendums…the latest budget is a $258,000 decrease an unexpected consequence…..that is about 10 times more saved than spent on the referendums…so the district is AHEAD (saving) over $220,000.00 500px-Go_b5.svgdollars….your welcome.

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  1. Ironically, there was absolutely no demand from the public to the board to cut the budget in the first place. The board completed the proposed budget at its regular meeting on March 4 but scheduled another budget workshop for March 20, just in case any issues were to arise. The March 20 meeting began with the superintendent’s speech about “right sizing” the faculty — as if Region 1 was a multi-national corporation looking to maximize profits by cutting the workforce. Then the principal announced the cut of five teaching positions. If you watch the March 20 video you see the principal honestly responding to a question about how the cuts will affect the student learning by saying it will impact them badly. It’s my personal belief that the superintendent initiated the cutting of teaching positions as a weapon of mass distraction to take attention away from the fact that the top two administrators’ were getting three-year contract extensions with 2 percent annual raises — an issue that caused the budget to fail last year. As another unintended consequence, we’re having a fifth referendum tomorrow.
    D- for Situational Awareness!

    Some people are saying we should vote down the budget until the November elections when at least three new board members will be elected. Hopefully, they will appoint Marilyn Yerks as the new chairperson!) I think that’s a good idea. I’m voting no tomorrow.
    ~~Gale Courey Toensing

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