A letter to the editor of The Region One Report 4

I too hoped that former Principal Matt Harnett had potential.  I admired that he respected Gale Toensing and that their relationship was about improving education.  Last year Matt and I traded calls going into one of his Steve Hurley testimonials.  Diane Goncalves and Patricia wanted Steve Hurley out but he had a clean file.  I think he was too popular and Diane and Patricia do not like to compete with that.  Diane Goncalves was responsible to evaluate Steve that year.  She failed to do her job yet needed a negative written evaluation to pad Steve Hurley’s file.  So – I am told that Diane directed Matt to create one and Patricia kept the money (our money) flowing so the attorney could polish this fabricated evaluation.  I called Matt and pleaded with him to be a leader – and to not take directives from Superintendent Chamberlain or Diane Goncalves that include non-truth.  But he would not budge. He also did not deny it.  I know of others who tried as well.  Allegedly – some that worked for him refused to speak with him for months afterward.  A group of Steve Hurley’s co-workers stepped forward and wanted to testify on his behalf.  Patricia and  Diane had Scott Fellows (as a union rep) call each one of these teachers to his office where he gave them a talking to.  Diane stood in the doorway for each one.  Intimidation?  In conclusion – Matt Harnett was a tool.  Our students deserve better.
I shared the Becky Hurlburt letter with you a couple of months ago.  The one where she violates important by-laws and bullies Principal Croft regarding CCS Boys Basketball Coach – Michael Pierce.  (The prominent by-law being that Board Members may not, can not – manage the school or staff – even if they have kids at the school.)  The story did not end there.  Becky wanted Michael Pierce out and went after him.  CCS Principal Mike Croft and Athletic Director Dan Carroll created a horribly insulting evaluation that should be the beacon of low points for our CCSPrincipal’s career and Mike Croft can wear that and show up and take our tax dollars – but buddy – you should start apologizing.  When Mike Pierce went to his friends who are Coaches and teachers at CCS for a letter of recommendation to help him fight back – each one said the same thing to him as if scripted:  “I wish I could but I can’t afford to lose my job”.  Retribution.  Did Michael Pierce deserve the negative eval – absolutely not.  I have it.  They gave him zero points for emergency medical training and CPR etc…  He has all those certifications and more as the State requires.  You have to see this document.  Dr. Fitz wrote him a lovely letter of recommendation – as did many of the boys he coached.
I am voting “No” again.  70% of our property tax dollar is this budget.  We want a High School that reflects the great teachers and students and citizens of Region One.  We vote “No” to end this Correctional Facility under this Superintendent and Warden.  Do not buy them out – insist that they go by voting “No”.
Next we should be discussing thorough and acceptable annual financial audit procedures.
Lawrence Van Valkenburgh


So, the Region One BOE Chair, Mr. Moore, says in his press release that the Superintendent knew Mr. Harnetts resignation was coming…hmmmm. Lets look at the direct quote from his press release…

“Because Matt’s departure is not a surprise, the Superintendent has been developing a transition plan.”

So, we at Region One Report were wondering about a couple of things…

How much did it cost Region One to send Matt Harnett and Gina Jasmine to Santa Barbara this summer for the Power School workshop?

Will our superintendent of Schools now  send bills to Bristol and Danbury for the cost of those workshops?

Just more to ponder as the next vote approaches about the administrations and boards management of over $14 million dollars of YOUR money.abbottcostello (1)

The email on Matt Harnett’s resignation Mr. Moore did not send to Region One Report….(and his resignation letter) Let The Blame Placing Begin 2



Sent: Sunday, August 18, 2013 2:59:00 PM
Subject: Principal Resignation

Hi All,

As I am sure you know, Matt Harnett is resigning his position. While disappointed, we all wish him the best of luck; but, we need to move forward. Because Matt’s departure is not a surprise, the Superintendent has been developing a transition plan. Currently, the plan is for Ian Strever to be the interim principal, which he has agreed to do. The principal position will be posted immediately over September and October. If there is a good pool of applicants, a search committee will be formed in November to interview the candidates. The finalists will then be presented to the new board in December.

On Monday night, we will set a date and time for a special meeting later in the week so that the board can discuss this plan and ratify it.

The attachment to this email is Matt’s official resignation. The delay in this email is due to me being on vacation and Matt being at a state-required workshop. We were able to finally talk Friday evening.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 203-885-5775 or email me at jmoore@region1schools.org.

Best regards,

Jonathan Moore

Kent Representative
Region One BOE